Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Rockettes!!

I've figured out what sort of dancing I should be doing!!! Tap! My spastic ankles might be useful after all! The Rockettes had no hips and mimimal busts.... and they looked fabulous!

The Christmas Spectacular is a 75yr old tradition at Radio City Music Hall, easily one of the most awe inspiring theatres I've ever been in - massive and canavarous, wonderful sound, and an incredible stage set. This being my first time, I didn't recognize the songs, which are re-hashed every year...in fact, a costume change or new lighting makes the news here.

And the 40 dancing Rockettes - grinning they worked at MacDonald's front counter - are legends. I queued outside waiting for my girl friends, watching the crowd. All the grannies in the city shuffle their way in, hiding their food in their pockets from the food Nazis at the door. They're enticed by the Rockettes like the Pied Piper led the kiddies...in fact, the Rockettes win because they bring in the kids as well. Although the kids' mouths only drop open when hundreds of Santas take the stage. Probably expanding their wish lists, greedy sprogs.

As I watched, I thought, where else but in the States would you see a Christmas show that includes a 3D animated film (we're given glasses); very swish visual effects on both the back screen and projected up onto the ceiling; on stage, camels and horses and donkeys (my friend Sarah nudges me and says 'and some sheep for you'); a mini ice skating rink with a proper Torvill 'n' Dean style ice skating couple; dancing teddy bears and dancing dwarves, dancing reindeer and dancing tin-men. And a girl they claimed was nine but if she was, she's going to be the next Dolly Parton. Or she's been eating too much chicken.

They had quite a few dwarves on stage. I wonder if the number of dwarves per head who go into entertainment is a larger proportion than for the rest of the population?

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