Thursday, November 30, 2006

Preparing for winter

It's going to be 19 degrees Celsius tomorrow, Friday Dec 1st, the first official day of winter. By Saturday it will have dropped to 6 degrees. That ain't right! There is even a chance that it may even SNOW next week!

I am quite petrified of winter. People gleefully tell me stories of snow piled so high it covers the cars parked on the sidewalk; icy wind that whips through the sky scraper canyons; days on end when the temperature doesn't get above freezing. Gargh!

I have already dis-gorged almost $100 buying ski-gloves and thermal glove-lining, and still need to buy winter boots, a long, Michelin Man-style coat, and maybe even gumboots for when the snow turns to slush. Gumboots! They come in all varieties - plaid patterned or plain, polka dots and some even have heels! My friend Sarah bought a pair for $80. (That ain't right either)
Even the little dogs have coats - not their own - and some even have 'shoes'. The below pic is a pair of dog rain boots on sale at Wal-Mart for $14.94. They come in a variety of sizes.

Today I returned a pair of winter boots. They were great, really comfortable and pretty, but there was quite a bit of dead rabbit on them. In New Zealand I'd proudly wear such a pest on my feet, but unless I knew I was also eating the little critter (like I eat cow) I can't do it. Unfortunately this side of the world rabbits are more Watership Down than pestilent scourge.

I will however wear, with pride, the possum-fur scarf that Mum is sending over. Die little suckers! Die!


Derek said...

Suck it up Cat. The days where it is so cold it's painful out will just teach you to appreciate summer all the more!

CB said...

Or stay in bed longer

not.daveng said...

Please maintain some measure of human integrity Cat and don’t buy those boots! Yes it will start snowing heavily pretty soon but its still no reason to commit a fashion crime… ~Deng

CB said...

what if i buy boots with roses and skulls on them? i nalmost did. but they were $65. I can't pay more than $40 for gumboots.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone could send you some Skellerup Red Band gumboots for that would be making a fashion statement..what sort I have no idea :)

CB said...

send the gumboots! it's my birthday soon!