Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Statue of Liberty is a Man

I was recently visited by a very special Kiwi. Special in that we've shared a plethora of adventures, and also that he is a real live, living breathing DayWalker. Most red-heads burn and speckle in the sunshine. A DayWalker walks safely, merely building up a tan and perhaps a little redness on the nose.
Perhaps because they have this ability, some DayWalkers behave as if they have other powers too. They like to take risks...

DayWalker and I went to see the Statue of Liberty. After skirting around her, looking up her nose and admiring the folds of her toga (made of copper as thin as two coins put together) it was clear that the Statue of Liberty is a man.

"She" has a square jaw. "She" has a low brow and a hint of an Adam's Apple. "She" has thick, muscular forearms and big, strong hands. "She" is tall, wide and flat chested. However, she does wear a dress.

The Statue of Liberty is a drag queen.

9/11 still haunts the NYC tourist spots. The Empire State Building once again reigns as the tallest building in the city. The main ferry rides have airport-style security checks. Downtown, Ground Zero (yes, a tourist spot) is still very much zero; all construction, noise and dust. And you can't climb up into the drag queen's crown anymore.

All this in one sunny day. The DayWalker has now departed South, to where it is warmer. He will soon be in training to be a parachute instructor, flying even closer to his ally, the sun.


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