Thursday, December 28, 2006

London is sexy

London is sexier than New York. No, Londoners are sexier than New Yorkers. New York itself - tall, shiny, noisy, OUT THERE - is sexier than London - short, old, genteel, reserved.

It surprised me when I first arrived in New York how 'behind' the general populace seemed in terms of cutting edge fashion, in taking risks, in wearing unusual colors and styles, in being experimental with their hair. Fashions come, but there is little deviation from what everyone else will be wearing. The women are all very pretty, most have long hair, wear flattering clothes and dresses. Botox is big...which increases the chances of everyone not only looking the same, but sharing the same facial expression: Surprised. Men stick to chinos and polo shirts through all seasons. I didn't realize how damn BORING it all is until I went back to London.

Hooray for Londoners! Walking down the street the young and not so young, gay and not so gay, all seem to express a flash of individuality - a little color there, leaking out of a standard winter coat; skinny jeans and flashy tops; colorful scarves and socks and gloves, shiny skirts, big hair, straight hair, lop-sided hair; gangster hats in night clubs...a general air of 'wear whatever you like, no one gives a shit'. Londoners are hot.

But get this: In New York, the people are outgoing, friendly and open. In the months that I've been here I've made as many friends as all my time in London (although naturally the closeness of those friends will only be told with time). New Yorkers chat to each other in bars and restaurants, invite each other to house parties, are polite and courteous (in my experience) and chatty. The English, in a broad sweeping generalisation, are reserved, polite but not warm, cautious and 'keep themselves to themselves'. Many lovely English people will happily go for a drink after work, but their own house, their own friends, the rest of their lives! are all out of bounds unless you're related. And sometimes that isn't even enough.

So....maybe English people express their inner vibrancy through adventurous dressing. Whereas New Yorkers express their inner reticence through their dress. Or maybe there are just a whole bunch of New York rules I'm oblivious to!

Anyway, Kiwis and Aussies are obviously outgoing, friendly, vibrant and extremely sexy. At Christmas lunch we made up for the lack of kiddies by starting a balloon war. The English people sent missiles back, but it was more like a military operation - no smiles, no laughter. Which I think proves my point - their actions reveal their inner fun, but they obviously feel compelled to present a good, stiff British upper lip.

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Tallman said...

Boo, hiss, New Yorkers can dress plenty sexy. Yes maybe we end up with a little too much black on, but we can get it done. Especially true in my neighborhood.