Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tonight I started my first salsa class...actually no, it was my second. Last week was a bit of a disaster.

I went along hoping I could crash a class that had been going for six weeks, thinking 'I've done a few classes here and there, I can go forward and back, I can turn'. The instructor started off going forward and back, but then started crossing feet and swishing legs and ladder this and susie Q that! I was all over the place like a dog on rollerskates - like Goofy! Goofy was a dog, right? - and then when it came to partner dance time - argh! I excused myself, no need to inflict my fear-sweat and unco-ness on the poor guys.

This week was much better. We did forward and back, and then we did side to side.

I was awesome!

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