Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cold (and boring) Spring

Cold Spring is a little town in upstate New York that is probably beautiful when the sun is shining....but on a grey day, coupled with a hangover and little sleep, the highlight was probably a dog that weighed 130 pounds and sat on my friend Derek's foot.

Derek is a hybrid Kiwi-American, also a reporter, a marathon runner, and has a proper blog - where he has linked a posting about Cold Spring to my posting about the Killers. Which feels a little odd, since Derek has a few hundred people reading his blog and I haven't even told my Mum about mine, let alone anyone else! So far my audience loves it... ;)

The folks at Cold Spring told us the best walking trails had a cave and a beach with views down the Hudson River. We could also have gone kayaking, but on very little sleep I figured two hours slopping round in a marsh looking at birds would have finished me off.

The cave turned out to be a cave....a little cave with old pre-last week coffee cup remains and a few more ancient beer bottles. The beach was a complete misnomer.

But we had fun! Maybe it was the fact that everything in Cold Spring turned out to be elevated beyond its station (even the antique shops seems to sell mostly old ladies' hats)...induced a sort of mild, shortlived desire to spice the place up a bit. Low level goofiness. It didn't really last long.

Attached - pics of me doing my best Indiana Jones imitation, escaping poisoned arrows and falling debris as I claw my way out of the cave! And Derek sunning himself on a crappy bit of sand.


AddledWriter said...

Kitty letters. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Blogging, outstanding- now you have something new to do at work (and I have somethign to amuse me). Does this mean I know a celebrity? Can we snub people at parties?

CB said...

wicked, i have a mystery commentor. and a writer!

Mike. No.