Saturday, September 23, 2006

Killers! (etc)

Killers! Since I accidently walked out on the Killers pre-U2 in Amsterdam (to get a meatball sandwich), I've been kicking myself (hard) for not realizing how incredibly brilliant they are. My prediction - and its a big one - is that these guys will eventually be as big as U2.

Webster Hall, NYC - 'secret' gig for 2000 people - we were so close! and even on first hearing, their new songs were good, which means after a little listening they'll be O for Awesome!

We'd been fighting off people all night to keep our vantage point- me and three fab guy friends - when two pushy girls came forward and one stood right in front of me - pretty much ON me. So I asked her if she was staying there (and elbowed her a little bit... not the most coordinated dancer....;) Then she says - 'do you wanna do this? do you wanna do this?' - I think the last time someone tried to start a fight with me was when I was nine, so it seemed a bit humorous..... She lunges, there's a bit of commotion, my fab Kiwi friend steps between us, and then a bouncer picks her up and hauls her off. But the silly cow had me by my t-shirt - my 'Yeah Girls' t-shirt from NZ - a gift! and she ripped the collar pretty bad on her way out - bugger.

So, if they're still selling those t-shirts in NZ, can someone please send me one? the boys tell me the new look is actually quite hot but I don't think I could wear it to dinner.

Apart from that, The Killers rocked. Last song, Mr Brightside, the whole place was alive - all 2000 secret friends yelling out "it started off with a kiss how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss, IT WAS ONLY A KISS"


Anonymous said...

Yikes. A real cat fight. Good thing you weren't hurt and I have to agree that the ripped shirt looks very rock and roll.

- Jon

Anonymous said...

Agree that the killers rock, would be fantastic live! You've got me signing at work now - "and it's all in my head, but she's touching his chest..."

I think the shirt is kind of sexy, in it's own sort of way.

Sophie said...

i like the shirt- kinda rocker chic.

Anonymous said...

Ripped shirt - at least you still have it!! Ask Mark about what happened to his brand new shirt at La Tomatina (circa 'the last world trip Ange ever does' 2006)

The fact it was his only other top given our lost luggage (courtesy British Airways) was on it's was around the world without us was also unfortunate..