Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ask yourself - what would I do if I wasn't afraid? Then do it.

Last week, a friend quoted Somerset Maugham (as you do) and even though he often quotes people, I still felt compelled to double check - after all, he's only 22! Scary to think that I've reached the age where people younger than me are actually a LOT smarter. Anyway, I found this brilliant site - check it out -

It has quotes, and other tidbits. The site is semi-philosophical, but not in an airy-fairy way. It's about living to your greatest capacity. Here's one thought:

Ask Yourself: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Then, do it.

Ask Yourself that Question Again. Then do it again. And again. You do that 10 times and I guarantee you you’ll be a different person. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Always, always, always, always, always, always, always do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

This little thing had quite an effect on me - so much so that I've set up a daily Outlook calender reminder! (Uber-nerd...yeah I know. Still, I didn't know what LEDs were...;)

In Africa, Shweta and I took part in an Adrenalin Day. This picture is of the least frightning of the activities - a flying fox above the Zambezi River.

Later that day, we jumped/fell/were pushed off the cliff, to be caught by the bunji cord at the bottom, then swung out over the river. I can't remember being more physically afraid as when I was standing on the platform at the edge of the cliff with the instructor and waiting to jump.

And the natural high when I didn't get smashed to pieces on the rocks below was probably the best I've ever experienced!

Thinking about this in more depth led to something of a cathasis for me, really opening my eyes to my own behaviors. I realized how some deeper fears - whether they be societal, or fears taken from childhood/adolescence to adulthood - can drive decisions and create patterns of behavior.

So I'm working on taking a different leap. Not quite so scenic this time!

Ta very much Sarah Bear, for being my bunji-cord.


Zeon said...

Hey ya.
Good to see your expressions on the web. Nice to check in now and again on the haps. Have reincarnated my blog , finally.
Peace, hugs to ya.

Souwesters said...

Liked this post. hmmmm now to ponder how I'd answer that question. Lx

CB said...

Looking forward to the answer Larissa... fly more? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cat.... just maybe... I'll let you know the answer when I discover it myself. Couldn't be bothered signing in using our own blogger account hence my "Anonymous" status this comment. Larissa xx

Unknown said...

This is Brian from

just stumbled across your post and wanted to thank you for sharing. Gave me a big smile. :)

Always always always! :)


CB said...

Wow, thanks Brian, and thanks for maintaining such an inspiring site.