Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's amazing what difference a view makes. I've just shifted to a window seat at work, and already my little soul is unfurling a wee bit....

Here is the view. The first is if I look straight out,

the second if I open the window and sort of squishal and bend out. So with the second view you have to also imagine the honking of taxis, the smell of exhaust fumes, the whirring of air conditioning units and indiscriminate yelling from 22 floors below.

After a fabulous yoga session that had me sweating out all six cups of green tea I'd consumed while gazing at my new view, off to The Killers (again) at Madison Square Garden - the theatre, not the huge stadium. And this was the view from my seat, about four rows from the back-end of the auditorium, where the rows get all cramped and the ceiling gets lower and lower...a good place for hobbits.

So as you can see it was a bit different from last time. On the big plus side, at least there was no lunatic woman to start fights with this time.

I went by myself (first solo concert!) and got chatting to a lovely bubbly woman and her husband. He asked if 'The dingo ate my baby', to which I repeated that I was a New Zealander. He said: 'So, have you ever seen a Tasmanian Devil then?'. After some debate about where Tasmania was, we finally got onto safe ground with the Lord of the Rings. But he insisted we all call it L.O.T.R. instead.

A guy befriended me and told me he sang and played keyboard in a band. He left for a bit and when he came back he asked if I'd missed him. I said that I wondered where he'd gone. The audio in this theatre is not great, and The Killers are a band that need to be loud otherwise you can hear yourself and every other tone deaf person yelling out. And then, in the middle of a song, he starts yowling in my ear "She wondered where I had gone, she wooonderred where I had gooone." Now mate, you can call me Australian, but you're on dangerous ground when you interrupt a Killers song.....

It's just occured to me that maybe he knew the lunatic woman and saw that I didn't have back-up! Just as well the yoga made me all zen.

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