Sunday, October 01, 2006

A very New York weekend

Friday: Frozen margaritas and dinner with Glenn, reviewing our Burning Man experiences (which I'll work out how to post when I get my pictures sent through). Verdict being we're both going back for more, despite some hangovers...

Saturday: Washington Sq park, early crisp morning. Trees still leafy but it's getting colder. Chess boards are set up in the park and groups of men are playing. Some look homeless. Some homeless-looking guy asked me to play, but I'm too hungry to stop.

Breakfast. Tasti-de-lite at Sixth Avenue. Half Double Dutch Chocolate, half Boysenberry Cheesecake. With Granola sprinkles. And an extra cone on top. On the wall is a letter from the producers of Sex and The City thanking the staff for acting in the episode where Charlotte realizes how great Harry is because he comes with her to Tasti De Lite.

Lunch: Oyster Festival. Mike and I mistakenly take the subway to Brooklyn (off the mainland, argh panic!) and so it's 4pm when we finally get some food in us.

12 oysters in 2 minutes + a strong Bloody Mary + a hot dog with sauerkraut + a mini hamburger
= nauseous.

Home. Disco nap.

Evening: Party at our house for Pilar's birthday. Homemade frozen margaritas, take-out from Mama Mexicana - chicken mole burrittos yum! - and a reunion with Krista and Geir who have been traveling the world and have great stories to tell. Much inspired to see more of the States, plus South America. Party goes well, smart, funny people. I go to bed at 3.30am, leaving the guys chatting in the kitchen and the fabulous gay couple tango-ing in the lounge.

Sunday: Brunch - Blue Water Grill. K and G know the trendiest places to go even though they're visitors! I eat most of Krista's food as mine (healthy option) is pretty bland.

Buy some awesome shoes. I reckon if I can click my heels right I'll end up somewhere else. Maybe Guatamala.

Take awesome shoes in conspicuous bags to Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, an Anti-consumerist (Wal-KMart, Starbucks etc) gospel choir. Good music and interesting thoughts...Rev Billy says we all have 714 films in us, beginning, middle and end, all self developed from childhood, all our own imaginations...that get CRUSHED by the advertising and corporate messages that infiltrate our minds from an early age. If we can extricate ourselves and find out own films again, our interactions with others are more authentic, we respect others' films, and we act with integrity.

I chat outside to the choir. Several ask about my bags. I say that I'm a sinner, although usually I hate one believes me.

Bump into Glenn's friend from Burning Man. His nickname is Satan. He somehow cajoles me into helping set-up for the next post-burning man party...1200 people. He says - 'what can you do, what are your talents?'. I shrug and say 'I'm not afraid of heights'. He says - 'Are you afraid of widths?'

Home. Derek tries to teach me HTML so I can change the blog. It sort of makes sense. but I'm almost too tired to write so this is all you get......leftovers from the party for dinner.

This week is my reading/sleeping/gym/being generally healthy week. Much like last week except this time I might actually do it.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Reverend Billy's message about the evils of advertising. That stuff is powerful and has got to have an impact on one's mind. That is one reason why I try to limit my TV consumption (even to the point that I often, like now, don't subscribe to cable). I just don't want to be too bombarded by TV adds and I'd rather be forced to pop in a movie when I need some visual entertainment.