Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hillary! Pre-State Election Rally

Well this post was originally intended to be accompanied by an excellent photo of me and Mrs Clinton, but she managed to scarper from the building before I got close... Here you go anyway...

She was good. Presidentially good...not that I've ever seen a President actually speak in real life, but she sounded authoritative, smart and to the point. Which is not necessarily always Presidential!
She was, of course, speaking from the perspective of Senator for New York State....but, y'know....
She looked professional, and had these great earrings that sparkled on inflection. Smart smart SPARKLE!

Speech: Domestic clean-ups in the fields of health and education, plus an intent to bring US energy consumption within its own borders. Review the situation in Iraq. Environmental issues - renewable energy, more efficient carbon fuels; initiatives happening in-state that could create jobs.

It was well received by the crowd, packed into the Rizy nightclub - all sorts: black, white, young, old, professionals and student-types. My new friend J, watching the crowd disperse, was convinced they were all gay, but I think he just hit a patch. Ms. Clinton was preceded by a violinist, and followed by a cheesy DJ, booming out Beyonce or something similar. A few people started dancing, but most just left. No free bar, but some great Marc Jacobs designed t-shirts on offer; Hillary's face - sort of Andy Warhol-esque - on your chest.
The going rate for a ticket was $50, or you could raise the money by selling tickets to other people. I was lucky enough to get free entry through my friend C, a young, fearless and seemingly tireless campaigner. After the Senate elections, if Hillary decides to run for President, C will re-apply and hopefully be re-hired. And if Ms. Clinton wins that race, the next step is the White House.
C has enlisted me for pamphleting service prior to the election night in June, when Hillary is expected to glide into first place. I may even get to go to the election night party too!

And when she wins, C promises that Hillary will almost definitely be in a the mood to have her photo taken with a wayward Kiwi chick!
Here is a semi related pic of cake to add color to this long post....

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Anonymous said...

oh Cat! election campaigns and Hillary as a photo buddy? What's next? Lx