Friday, June 22, 2007

What are your Signature Strengths?

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about signature strengths; the concept of signature strengths is pretty obvious. What is interesting about the approach of positive psychology is that it suggests we focus primarily on the top ones (in order to live a more fulfilling, satisfactory life get the drift by now...if not, see the introductory post on positive psychology)

I've done two signature strengths tests, and the top results come out much the same. Also, they feel about right to me.

Mine are, in order....
  • Your Top Strength
    Curiosity and interest in the world

    You are curious about everything. You are always asking questions, and you find all subjects and topics fascinating. You like exploration and discovery. In the below picture I am discovering that this is a sit-down rather than a lie-down hammock

Your Second Strength
Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness
Thinking things through and examining them from all sides are important aspects of who you are. You do not jump to conclusions, and you rely only on solid evidence to make your decisions. You are able to change your mind.

Your Third Strength
Love of learning

You love learning new things, whether in a class or on your own. You have always loved school, reading, and museums-anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity to learn.

Your Fourth Strength
Capacity to love and be loved

You value close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. The people to whom you feel most close are the same people who feel most close to you.

Your Fifth Strength
Social intelligence

You are aware of the motives and feelings of other people. You know what to do to fit in to different social situations, and you know what to do to put others at ease.

You can take an online test to determine your signature strengths here. (The VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire.) Takes about 15 min...

Okay, so now I want to figure out how to further implement these strengths into my life. I know I'm already doing some of it anyway - I'm already drawn to new things, travel and discovery. I love a long chat with a good friend, especially on topics that are new to me or buckle my paradigms. That's the easy part. Now it's time to think outside my current box, (and maybe integrate some of the strengths a little further down the list)....and think about how they can apply to my work, my relationships and my 'inner satisfaction'.

Bravery and valor (I scored lower on this one in another, shorter test)

Fairness, equity, and justice

Hope, optimism, and future-mindedness

Kindness and generosity

Perspective (wisdom)


Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness

Humor and playfulness

Creativity, ingenuity, and originality

Forgiveness and mercy

Industry, diligence, and perseverance


Zest, enthusiasm, and energy (Scored higher on this one in another test)

Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith

Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty

Appreciation of beauty and excellence

Self-control and self-regulation

Caution, prudence, and discretion

Modesty and humility


Unknown said...

Hello Kitty,
Great page and I see you like reading Martin Selgiman too:-) I'll bookmark your page and hope you come to visit mine some time: I'm writing about creative happiness strategies and positive psychology is one of them.

Best wishes from New Zealand

CB said...

Hi Kerstin

Checked out your site - great to see the world web of thoughts, analysis and ideas on positive psychology circling around and around...As a Kiwi (also?) I hope you're keeping warm and dry as possible!